Bar Restaurant Décor Ideas

Bar Restaurant Décor Ideas

The decoration in a bar or restaurant is among the first things that catch a customer’s eye. Good décor should describe the theme of the place. Deciding on the best décor ideas can be a real headache because of the many available options. Below are the key concepts you can use when decorating a bar or restaurant.


Typography involves details such as graphics, diagrams and marquee letters. Let the details written on the walls be informative and relevant to your target customers. In a restaurant, you may decide to write a quote that involves food and drinks. The choice of a marquee letter should be appealing.

Pick a Theme

When decorating a bar or a restaurant, pick a theme that reflects your brand. At first glance, your customers should get an idea of the food or drinks served there. You do not have to go with a theme just because it is trending. Pick something that appeals to the heart of your target audience even if it is not what everyone else is doing.

Lighting Designs

Lighting is also part of the decorations. A well-designed lighting system creates a good ambience for your customers. The environment you want your guests to experience should guide your type of lighting. Kinds of lighting you may consider are ambient lighting, bulb string lighting, decorative sconces, task and accent lighting. Both the interior and exterior should have striking lighting designs.

Be Creative with Seating

Seating arrangements determine the appeal of a restaurant or a bar. Come up with a unique idea that will attract customers. The choice of seating should accommodate efficient service delivery and movement of people. Tables, chairs and stools should be made with designs that fit the establishment. You can include pictures and messages on the tables.

Embrace the Classics

Blend some vintage classic designs with modern ideas in the restaurant. Some traditional designs include a classic pizzeria, 50s-style diner or French bistro. Customers will experience nostalgic moments while still in the contemporary style.