Scouting for live music at the trendiest U.S. restaurant venues

Scouting for live music at the trendiest U.S. restaurant venues

Live music at bars and restaurants have been a trend for many years. With so many genres from which to choose, the options for musical entertainment along with drinks or a meal are endless. What makes live performances so appealing is the eclectic atmosphere and interactive environment. Whether you’re into jazz, rock or indie, there’s a spot for you in every city.

Minton’s Playhouse: Located in New York City, Minton’s is a jazz club that offers everything from classic cocktails to traditional southern meals. Minton’s is known for hosting many iconic jazz musicians, including the likes of Charlie Parker back in the day. The small stage and close knit feeling of the club makes it cozy and intimate, leaving every guest with a smile on their face.

Velvet Margarita: This bar and restaurant may be Mexican themed in terms of food, but they host a range of rock bands throughout the sunny seasons for some quality live entertainment to go along with the Hollywood atmosphere. They are located in Los Angeles and offer great food and a range of tequila beverages to suit the Mexican mood.

Rockwell Table and Stage: The Rockwell Table and Stage is also located in Los Angeles and offers rustic lounging with a great selection of food and drink (which is always changing to keep things interesting). Along with this they offer a variety of live performances including everything from parody musicals to Broadway inspired productions. If you’re looking for good food paired with great entertainment, Rockwell is the place to be.

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino: No mentioning of musical dining entertainment would be complete without featuring Las Vegas. The Planet Hollywood Resort is a prime spot that has hosted consecutive shows by artists like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. Without having to book a room there, you can enjoy dinner and a musical performance by some of the best in the industry. The venue is also glamorous and overflowing with thrill, making it impossible not to enjoy.

Hard Rock Café: This American institution has such a fantastic reputation that it has established franchises in cities across the world. Known for great rock performances, classic style and good food, they are one of the country’s favorite options. Whether you visit the franchise in Chicago, Hollywood, Las Vegas or any other location, you know you’ll always have a marvelous experience.

Whichever music taste you have, the country is packed with quality restaurants that offer live performances by underground and Hollywood famous musicians and bands. With the above mentioned options only a few of what is available in practically every state, you’ll never be lacking in opportunities for dinner and a live show to make for the perfect evening.